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Antrum Inc., focusing on manufacturing technology, is a total communication company, providing advertising activities including exploring new business opportunities and sales promotion for Japanese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are developing excellent technologies.

Major companies in high-tech industries (HTI) such as automotive manufacture, electronics, aerospace-related devices, semiconductor manufacture and medical equipment, require cost-effective component parts when they materialize their ideas to develop new products that satisfy their quality standards. There are some SMEs which are successfully providing these companies with revolutionary high-value-added component parts they developed, by resolving challenges with their own manufacturing technologies in meeting their customer’s demands.

However, most of the SMEs have no access to market needs nor possible opportunities with HTI where they enhance their technologies. This is because they have no source of providing the market with information on their own excellent manufacturing technologies. If the engineers and designers producing high-tech products are provided with such information, they will adopt it promptly to their development and manage to introduce new products competitive enough in the market ahead of their competitors. It is essential for the SMEs developing manufacturing technologies to bridge the communication gap between the product companies which would adopt these technologies.

These manufacturing technologies hold enormous invisible potential, as they may bear new value. The way you promote these technologies is not as simple as the way you promote commercial products, since these technologies require expertise for promotion and diverse repertoires of advertising methods, such as exhibitions, magazines, web, etc. The activities of continuous and adequate promotion may also provide the SMEs with another challenge with which they can enhance their manufacturing technologies, and which may lead to the deployment of new and unexpected applications for their technologies.

The mission of Antrum Inc. is to convey “the strength of manufacturing technologies developed by the SMEs” to “the key figures in the manufacturing industry” efficiently and appropriately by using advertising methods. Responding to rapid changes in the manufacturing industry, Antrum Inc. serves as a communication advisor for customers, and with which we are committed to ensuring their business success.